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Meeting our customers’ needs is NuCoat’s primary objective and our Quality Management System alignment with ISO 9001-2015 ensures continuous, repeatable compliance of our products and services in the most cost effective and resource efficient manner.  Whether placing a stock order, ordering just-in-time, or taking advantage of our Custom Color Match Program, NuCoat’s quality-driven culture delivers high-performance coatings to your door that are both Right-First-Time every time and On-Time, In-Full to your doorstep.

Deliverables our customers have come to expect from NuCoat are not limited to the finest high-performance coatings on the market, but also include:

  • Short lead times
  • Industry-leading expertise and friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • Organizational systems and procedures that can handle any size order or special request
  • Continuously-improving process efficiencies that further decrease manufacturing lead times

NuCoat’s fulfillment process begins with the receipt of a customer’s purchase order (PO) and ends only when every item ordered is delivered on-time and in-full to your operation.  Simply email purchase orders to NuCoat via pobox@nucoat.com.  Once received, purchase order information flows into our production system and the manufacturing order is simultaneously placed into our production schedule.  Order confirmations are emailed to the customer within minutes, and a sales order is generated for both our customer and the production team.

NuCoat’s pre-production, front-end testing on all raw materials ensures our customers receive consistent, easy to apply products, time after time.  While in production, each order item must pass CIELAB color and visual checks to NuCoat’s quality standards.  The color and order data is then electronically stored as part of an item’s historical production record.

NuCoat offers various can sizes to best fit our clients’ production needs.  Depending on the total quantity, weight, and specific requirements of a customer’s order, the best shipment method is determined and shipped using third-party carriers.  Depending on weight, orders are shipped via freight carrier on pallets through use of ground parcel services.

When your order is completed, it is packed, prepared for shipment, and an order accuracy check is performed prior to shipping.  Once shipped, customers will receive shipping notification and tracking info via third-party shippers.

NuCoat prides itself on fast, accurate fulfillment, with the majority of orders completed, shipped, and received well-within other company’s lead times.