We go the extra mile for our clients


Color Matching

Color brings endless opportunities for window and door fabricators to add value to their products. NuCoat uses the latest technology to make sure we are achieving the quickest, most accurate color matches in the industry.  Quality control is made simple through our robust software that tracks each batch of paint according to the customers set tolerance.


NuCoat works with various suppliers and equipment vendors so that we can provide tailored solutions to our customers.  As a partner, we make sure we customize a process to meet each customers’ short-term and long-term productivity goals.  If in house painting is not an option, NuCoat works with certified paint applicators across the country.

Email us to be paired with a local third-party applicator.

Application Training

NuCoat makes sure that your paint department is ready and prepared at all times to take on whatever number of windows have to be coated during each day of production. We provide on-site training, equipment recommendations, continuing education, and facility audits.

Field Services

NuCoat is pleased to offer field services that include: Visits to a job site anywhere in the continental US and Canada, evaluation of coating damages, and repair of those damages no matter what coating was applied on the PVC windows. This service is part of our consulting offering, and is a separate division of NuCoat.