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VL® 2450 Solid Color Coating

spray roller brush vac

  • free from NMP/NEP/NBP
  • 1 Component PUR
  • meets AAMA 615-17
  • fast drying times and low VOC
  • matt and gloss finish
  • any color
  • superior anti-heat technology for lower heat build up

VL® 2490 Textured Coating

spray roller brush vac

1C High Performance water-based textured coating

  • available in any color
  • superior anti-heat technology for low heat build up
  • low VOC

VL® 2481 Metallic Coating

spray   vac

1C High Performance water-based coating for a fine aluminum/anodized effect

VL® 2491 Textured Metallic Coating

spray   vac

1C High Performance water-based coating for a textured, fine aluminum effect

VL® 1120: Hydro-Degreaser Cleaner

  • water-based
  • non-hazardous
  • excellent cleaning, degreasing and anti-static capabilities
  • low VOC

All NuCoat PVC products are AAMA 615 Certified.