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Water based coatings for the modern world.

We are here to help our fabricator and extrusion clients to succeed in the marketplace.

Through our own R&D facility, we are constantly working on taking our products to the next level and finding new and innovative solutions for the ever changing and demanding market place, and, never losing focus of the environment.
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NuCoat is an industrial coatings provider accommodating all of your coating needs.  We offer top quality products focused on cutting edge technology and performance, concentrated in the fenestration industry.

We provide solutions for multiple substrates like PVC, cellular PVC, fiberglass, uncoated/coated aluminum, wood, and others.  All of the products we sell into the market place meet the toughest coating standards and regulations.

Why New Albany, Ohio?

New Albany is a thriving business and residential community in the North East of the Greater Columbus area. Due to its central geographical location, Columbus is the distribution hub for many industries. Distribution centers in and around Columbus service retail and manufacturing locations across the USA and Canada. The logistics are perfect.

Furthermore, Ohio is one of, if not the, center of the window and door industry, with one of the highest concentrations of window and door fabricators in the country.

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